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Comprehensive EPC, financing and grant management for your clean energy projects.

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A Custom-Tailored Approach

We deliver clean energy solutions that reduce your operating expenses, enable you to add new revenue streams, and increase the value of your business and/or property.

We execute each of our projects through a blend of the following:

Primary Service Categories

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

With each new energy project, we complete the system feasibility study, design and engineering. We then assemble our permit package for AHJ approval. Once approval is granted we procure all necessary materials and equipment for job performance. Construction is then completed in most cases directly by our in-house employees. All installations are managed by an on-site foreman and supervised by our construction management team. Our internal staff is certified to install Enphase, Tesla and GAF systems, among others.


Over the course of our history in solar, we have built many unique financing relationships. These relationships range from regional banks, to credit unions, to specialty energy lenders. We are an approved EPC contractor within California’s GoGreen financing program, as well as the state’s PACE funding program (which allows project financing to be paid as a property tax supplement).
With most of our projects, we are able to provide financing that enable our clients to develop their own on-site generation without having to tie up the equity in their property or come out of pocket on a monthly basis for more than their current electricity expenses. In some cases, we are also able to provide clients with a Power Purchase Agreement option, where our financial partners take ownership of the subject energy system deal with the tax credits independently, and simply sell power back to our client at a reduced rate (while also offer our client the opportunity to purchase the system outright for a discounted price in the future).

Tax Credit Monetization

The federal income tax credits associated with commercial energy systems can be massive. And in many cases, the end user is not able to take full advantage of them in the year they are realized.
To try to address this issue, we have developed a program to help our clients monetize their credits by selling them on the secondary market. We are able to complete this process by creating an auditable record of our transaction with our customers, sourcing prospective tax credit buyers through our network, and assisting with the preparation of the necessary legal documents to complete the sale.

With tax credit monetization, our clients are able to retain ownership of their system (avoiding a lease structure) without having to have a big tax liability in the year of installation.

Grant Applications

Certain energy projects are eligible for specialized grant funding. The process of applying for these grants can be daunting, time consuming and in many cases completely off-putting to prospective beneficiaries. When customers contract with us for EPC service, we assist with the grant application process, taking away this burden. We draft the application for customer review, complete the submission with the relevant government or nonprofit organization, and then assist our clients with follow up requests.